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About Us

GPB Management Consultants, LLC.

As business and industry move well into this new century, the teachings of people like Peters and Deming become very clear; the business organization must address three primary issues:  The external customer, the internal customer, and overall operational profitability.  These three core issues are the key to survival and the future all business operations.

We have guided this company with thirty years of business management experience to learn the art a builder philosophy, where employees are taught how to become successful.  Their success becomes the building blocks upon which the organizational profitability and success is constructed.

The key to success, as Deming has taught, is to avoid mistakes in the first place.  This can only be brought about by working with clients and employees to learn from our mistakes, to change our paradigms; to act decidedly, and to prevent these mistakes from reoccurring. Creating totally unique customer purchase and service experiences and developing the leadership capable of implementing these exciting, difficult, and challenging objectives; in the absence of this great work, nothing else matters.

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